5 Facebook Secret Features for Your Marketing Campaigns

Do you own a Facebook business page?

These secret tips can improve your marketing and are often overlooked.

1. Free Stock Images for your Ads
When creating a new Facebook ad, you can choose from a searchable database of thousands of free stock images from within the Facebook image library. The library is powered by Shutterstock. Make sure to check that the images and the text ratio meet Facebooks guidelines before submitting it.

2. Ad relevance Scores
The relevance score guides how often your Facebook ad will be displayed and how much you’ll pay for each ad engagement. Facebook considers a lot of different factors when calculating your relevance score, including positive and negative feedback via video views, clicks, comments, likes and other ad interactions. If people report your ad or tell Facebook they don’t want to see it anymore, those actions count against you.
To enable ad relevance scoring, open the ad or ad set in your Ads Manager and navigate to Customize Columns. From the list of available columns, find and select the Relevance Score check box.

3. Email Contact Import
To upload a list of your email contacts
• Click ... below your Page’s cover photo
• Select Suggest Page
• Upload a file or choose your email service and follow the on-screen instructions

4. Facebook Post Scheduling
Did you know that you can schedule Facebook post right in the Facebook platform? Just go to the Publishing Tools tab, Select scheduled Post and click the Create button. Compose your new post and then select “Schedule” from the Publish drop-down menu. From there you can select the date and time for your future posts. This is especially handy when you want to target your audience at different times of the day and keep your post consistent.

5. Pages to Watch Metrics
At the very bottom of your Facebook Insights page, you’ll find a Pages to Watch area where you can track other pages, such as your partners, competitors and, friends. You can see metrics for the likes, posts, and engagement on these pages.

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