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This is the new data-driven way to increase sales and gain customer loyalty.

1 day to 0% conversion rate

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Old outdated marketing waterfall method
New agile way to increase conversion rates

Together we’ll meet once a week for 4 weeks, where I’ll teach you new Conversion Secrets that you can apply to your Facebook Ads & Website right away taking you from 0% – 20% conversion rate and even higher.

After working at an advertising agency. My main frustration was we were telling people which marketing techniques to use but we weren’t using them ourselves.

For example, we would send marketing emails about personalizing the subject line to get 22% more opens, and then never actually personalize the subject line in the email we sent out. We built complicated websites and funnels. They made millions and I often wondered how.

So I started my own agency and vowed to do things differently.

One big a-ha moment was I didn’t need a complicated website. I just needed to slim it down and optimize it. Using this formula I started seeing more website conversions and people stuck around longer.

Now I optimize my client’s websites and help them crush on Facebook ads.

It’s possible to hit just about any conversion goal you want but you have to think about your website differently.

Together we can blow the traditional agency model out of the water. The traditional agency model is to take two to three months to get a website live. Then when the site launches they have a zero percent conversion rate. Everyone is like dang we failed. No, it just took to long to get your first test up and running.

Recently we broke into teams of two and the goal was to get a website live in one day. Get to a zero percent conversion rate. Start driving traffic to the website from Facebook ads. Measure the traffic and have a working CTA.

This is the imperfect website way and we are helping people crack the code for their website conversions.

We went from 0% conversions on the first day to 10%, then from 10% to 20% and now we are working towards a 50% conversion rate!

Join hundreds of other Entrepreneurs, Web designers, and Marketers that went from 0 leads to, one lead every 8 minutes!

Data-Driven Results.

Not guesswork.

See how visitors are interacting with your new agile website with heatmaps, recordings, and scroll rates. This will give you the visual data cues you need to see what is working and what isn’t.


Not Crickets.

This is the fastest way to take your website from 0% conversion rate to all the way up to 50% conversion rate?! This is hands-on training for people who are looking for rapid, automated growth to get their product out to the world.

This is not for people that are afraid of trying new things, afraid of data, and don’t invest in tools to speed things up.

“The Inner Circle Group is the lean agile way to drive more traffic to your website and close more deals. This is the fastest way to get more conversions on your website hands down.

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