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Facebook cover photo guide

Use this guide to create a company Facebook Cover Photo for your page.

In this guide you will learn:

  1. The correct Facebook Group Cover Page size – Included In this guide is a Photoshop (PSD) And a .JPG version of the correct Group Cover Photo size.
  2. How the images are cropped on each device – Facebook crops each cover photo differently across different devices. Using this guide will save you a time and make sure your content isn’t getting cut off.

See the template in action – Watch this video for a quick demo on how to use the Photoshop template.

Download your DIY template here and make a stunning Facebook Cover Photo.

Facebook cover photo guide
Download My DIY Template

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2018: Template Guide


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We’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in recent weeks figuring out the ideal dimensions for Facebook Group, Page and Cover cover photos. Googling it results in a mass of conflicting recommendations – mainly out-of-date. Facebook finally announced the new size. Naturally, it crops differently on every device. (Why would Facebook make things easy?)

According to Facebook , the ideal size is 1,640px by 856px, or 1.91:1 ratio. For most devices.


Below is our 1920px x 1080px cover photo. You’ll see the full image on mobile with top and bottom crops coming in for first tablets than desktop. The shaded area in the middle is what is visible on all devices so this is the safe area for text.

Template guide

Facebook cover photo guide

Desktop image crop example


Tablet image crop example


Mobile image crop example


Different sizes for Facebook Groups, Pages and Profiles

If all these different sizes aren’t driving you crazy yet. We thought we’d share how they render for each device.

Facebook Group cover photo dimensions:

  • Overall – 820px x 461px
  • Mobile – 640px x 360px
  • Tablet – 820px x 303px
  • Desktop – 820px x 332px (1640px x 664px Retina Display)

For all the above create your image as 1920px x 1080px.

Download My DIY Template
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