How to add Google Docs to your desktop so it looks and works like Microsoft Word

Growth Hack: If you use Google Docs, here’s a quick tip for getting to your files faster from your desktop.

Instead of navigating your way to Google Docs in your browser, create a shortcut on your desktop that looks and acts like a Word document. It’s easy to do. Just open the Google Document ( you want to save on your desktop in Google Chrome.

Now go to the hamburger menu in Chrome (the three horizontal lines at the top right of your browser) > More tools > Add to desktop.

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Once you click Add to desktop, you’ll be prompted to name and save the shortcut. It will be added to your desktop and you can open it just by double clicking it. Now when you go to open your new Google Document it will be in its own window, which looks like a Word Document that you can resize and move as you would any other Windows app.

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