Get 30% Higher Email Open Rates with My Simple 2-Step Hack

What’s your average email open rate?

20%… 30%… 40%…?

You may think you have a decent open-rate, however…

Over 50%+ of your subscribers ARE NOT OPENING your messages.

Why work so hard if just 1 out of each 2 people opens your messages? That like buying a Cheezy Pizza Plush Pillow and not getting any plush.

So what’s an email marketer to do?

Here’s a quick way to expand your email open rates by an extra 30%.

I call it Double-Opens!

A week ago I sent out my company newsletter.

70% of my list didn’t open the email which you KNOW makes me cry on the inside.

Get 30% Higher Email Open Rates with My Simple 2-Step Hack

What percentage of your list is NOT opening your messages? I’m guessing it’s comparative.

So I did what Neal from Easybib showed me at a meetup and it got me 30% more opens!

Here’s the golden ticket:
Step 1. Take the SAME email you sent and CHANGE the subject line to something new
Step 2. Email it out a week later JUST TO YOUR NON-OPENS

The outcomes speak for themselves:

11% more aggregate opens so far which is 30%+ a bigger number of opens than if I did nothing.

1 simple change = 7,028 more individuals read my email.

I’ll let the wantrepreneurs of the world burn the midnight oil on composing their marketing strategies, while I get more opens and make more deals with this one little change.

Your 1 simple change homework: If you’ve sent an email to your list in the last month. Go to your email program, and re-send to all the people that didn’t open.

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