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10 Elements of Successful Email Sign Up Forms

10 Elements of Successful Email Sign Up Forms

Want to acquire new customers and grow your email list?

Start with optimizing your email sign up forms. This will get you on the way to doubling your conversion rates. If you don’t nail down your website forms, you won’t have much of a list of subscribers.

Use this guide to create successful email sign up forms that convert. Every field you ask users to fill out increases friction. An email address and first name are a good start but don’t be afraid to collect other key pieces of information that will personalize your message and make it more relevant.

Fields should be ordered from easiest to hardest to fill out. Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principle of commitment and consistency tells that when someone takes a small action or step towards something, they feel more compelled to finish. For this reason, it’s a form design best practice to put the easiest stuff first.

Wait until later to introduce friction inducing form fields like billing information or anything too personal. Basically, you can put this into action by allowing people to complete shipping information before billing (they’re often the same anyway, so they won’t need to type it again).

Start with the easy stuff like the first name, and end with credit card number.

See all the elements of a successful email sign up for in our latest infographic right now:

10 Elements of successful email sign up forms



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