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Get a Free SEO Website Audit and a Custom To-do List for Your Site.

Find and fix your website’s unique issues and improve your Google rankings with this free SEO audit tool.

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Monitor with charts and seo analysis

Scan any website for over 140 technical site health and SEO mistakes. Start today.

site health and SEO

Prioritize your website issues to fix.
All issues are divided into three groups, depending on their severity of errors, warnings, and notices. We’ll also consider the frequency of detected problems and show you what needs immediate attention.

Make your own prioritization rules.
Use our advanced filters, Site Structure view, and integration with Google Analytics to ensure you’re working on your money-making pages first.

Collect technical SEO reports.
Review technical SEO audit reports on the following:

Before dealing with any other issues, ensure your website is accessible by search engines. Site Audit will let you know if GoogleBot can crawl and index your site.

Page Speed - Site Performance

Site Performance
Page loading speed is a significant ranking factor. It also significantly affects user experience, especially on mobile.

Internal Linking - Broken links

Internal Linking
This report will help you find all of your internal linking issues, carefully organize your website structure, and ensure efficient PageRank distribution.

https implementation audit

Securing your website is vital for every website today, not just those dealing with sensitive information. You can easily monitor your site’s security status with this report.

international seo audit tool

International SEO
When running a multilingual website, you must regularly check if your hreflang tags are implemented correctly. Otherwise, Google might not serve your audience the correct version of your website.

Get your personalized SEO analysis report and discover what to fix today!

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Track Your Progress and Automate SEO Audit Reports

Compare crawls
Improving your website’s health requires constant attention. These SEO audit reports help monitor your website to ensure its site health improves, and you can catch all upcoming issues before they become trouble.

With the Compare Crawls and Progress reports, you can analyze the results of different SEO audits and track changes in the number of issues over time.

Check reports

You can schedule a weekly technical SEO audit, and our Site Audit tool will automatically start crawling your website. You’ll get a notification in your inbox when it is finished.

Check reports regularly, and monitor if the number of issues found is shrinking! Remember to look at your site’s positions with the Position Tracking tool! Are your rankings getting higher? If they are, you’re on the right SEO track!

Get your SEO analysis report and know what to fix on your site today!

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